Reece Mitchell is a unique and enigmatic performer drawn to dark, complex and challenging roles.

Reece is an alumni of Paris’ pre-eminent theatre school, ‘Cours Florent’. Reece lived and trained in Paris for over 3 years and draws inspiration from French cinema and culture. Reece is a chameleon, switching from characters with unique quirk to salt-of-the-earth realness, as at home in houndstooth as in dirty overalls. Australian of German heritage, Reece was born in Adelaide and is now based in Melbourne. An actor of predominantly screen, Reece filmed his debut feature lead in Dec 2021 on location in the French Alps, playing Teddy in dark comedy The Editing. And Reece just shot the Creative Victoria funded film, Cold Water, starring the legendary Deborah Kennedy and Bruce Spence where Reece played the young version of Bruce’s character in the pivotal climax of the film’s storyline.

The darker the character, the more the appeal for Reece. “The fractured, the intense, the polarizing and the outcast. I’m drawn to unique characters and equally love comedic and darker dramatic roles.” Reece’s visions of character creations live in the cinematic worlds of Wes Anderson, David Lynch, Sofia Coppola, Yorgos Lanthimos and Tarantino, all of whom who he sites as indelible inspirations.